Solar Light Top Tips

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1. How to install solar lights

The installation of your light will depend entirely on the type of light you have bought.  Each of our products contains specific information about how it should be installed. For example, S olar security lights are generally mounted on an external wall around your property. For Solar stake lights, you must ensure that they are pressed well into the grass/soil/other surface. 
Regardless of the type of fitting, ensure that both the light and panel are secured firmly. Anything that compromises this can effect how efficiently the light works. 

2. Where to place solar lights

Obviously Solar lights depend upon the sun for their energy. It is imperative when you install your light that the solar panel is placed in a position of direct sunlight. The longer that the panel remains in sunlight, the greater the charge in the battery, thus the better the performance of the light. Some of our products have a variety of solar panels, and whilst some products have built in panels, others will be external, and and connected the light unit via a wire. In these cases you may have the opportunity to be more flexible with where you position your lights, as only the solar panel has to be exposed to sunlight.
Fully charged batteries will generally provide a standard solar light with around 8-10 hours of charge.
HOT TIP: Before positioning the lights in their final destination, first leave them in direct sunlight for at least a day, and check to ensure that they function correctly.

3. How to maintain solar lights

If you find that your solar light isn’t performing up to standard, then we suggest giving the solar panel a through wipe with a wet cloth. Over time, the panel can gather dust and dirt, and anything that impedes the sunlight from getting to the panel will have a negative effect on the performance of the light itself.
HOT TIP: If in the winter the lights are not coming on for very long, switch them off for a few days to allow the battery to re-charge without it being drained constantly. Then switch back on and they should last longer.

4. How to arrange solar lights

The question of how you arrange your solar lights is completely dependent how you wish to use them. For decorative use y ou could highlight flowers, plant pots, patios, even swimming pools, or use them to frame or circle other features such as ponds or gazebos. The glory of solar lights is that they require no wiring and can be moved around easily, so you can experiment with your solar garden lighting arrangement.

For solar lights with a practical instead of decorative use, (security lights for example) then it will of course be the place on your property that you believe is vulnerable, or simply a garden path you may wish to illuminate at night when you go outside. The majority of these lights include motion sensors, ensuring the charge is saved for when movement is detected. 


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