Solar garden light systems

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With a decent solar panel

And a car battery and some 12 volt garden lights and a bit of hard work , you can create a superb night garden setting.
I have bought so many solar stand alone lights systems and been disappointed with them all .They all worked for a short time and were so dim you needed a torch to see them, or 4 or 5 out of 6 didn't work to any significant brightness . In an effort to get a decent set working , I upgraded the batteries and bulbs , which involved a lot of soldering , frustration and much throwing of small parts !! 
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So I decided to through caution to the wind....

I bought a decent Bosch solar panel, mounted this on the shed roof ,after much hammering and fitting a couple of wood batons to fix the panel .The panel came with a solar control box, with input connectors for the solar panel. Power out connectors for the garden lights and connectors to take power from the solar panel to the battery .( I had a new , decent car battery , that I had purchased some time ago and had never used ).

    The 12 volt , 3 watt ,LED  garden lights were placed roughly where I thought that they would show the plants and garden ornaments well , but left some extra cable on each light so that I could manouver them once set up and working.

        Once I was happy with the placing of the lights , the wires were hidden under stones , under ground and under slabs and run back to the shed , leaving plenty of extra wire to connect to solar control box. 

     The battery had been left to charge from a mains car battery charger ,so there was plenty of juice in the battery while I was setting up and hiding cables .

        The cabling was tacked to the inside of the shed to keep it tidy and safe .

    I had over looked the fitting of a switch and had to disconnect the output to switch off . This was however rectified, as I later purchased a 12 volt dawn to dusk light sensitive switch ......... I did buy one locally first , but it did not work as it was 240 volt ! Doh!!!!!!
   Eventually sourced 12 volt , sourced from USA or China !!!!!! 
"............ So it all works superbly now ...... Very bright ....... And no squinting to see if they are on......

        Just in process of ordering another set of 4 x 12 volt LED for the other side of the garden....."

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