Solid Oak and Danish Oil - An Application Guide

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This guide will enable you to preserve, protect and treat your solid oak furniture using Danish Oil.  Danish oil is also suitable for other types of wood protecting and enhancing its features and character.

Danish oil is very easy to apply. It has a vegetable oil type consistency and is applied using a brush or cloth.  We prefer to use a cloth as it soaks in well and prevents runoffs but does use more oil.

Wear rubber/latex gloves to protect your hands.

1 Ensure that the bench is clean, dust free and dry.

2 Pour the oil into a suitable plastic or ceramic bowl receptacle from which you can dip your cloth or brush into.

3 Apply liberally going with the grain, gently working oil into the surface.  Avoid pooling and remove the runoff.  The bench should be wet but not dripping. 

4 Leave for a couple of minutes to dry.

5 Wipe off the excess oil with a clean cloth and polish to a high shine if desired.  If more than one coat is to be applied then do not polish too much.

6 Repeat coats after 4-8 hours. Each coat will build on the last creating a hard shell with a very high shine.

The cloths will need washing before disposal or re-use as they may combust.

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Bongooldchap 27th May 2007

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