Solution to spiteful feedback.

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I to have had negative feedback left for me in retaliation to it being left for the seller. One occasion was a pair of shoes sent with dog poo stuck to the sole & still smelling!! I pay as soon as the auction finishes so the seller has no reason to leave me negative as I have given them the perfect transaction. I was once asked by ebay what I thought of the new rating system. I said it was better as you could rate using the star system without the seller knowing but they needed to address the use of retaliation feedback as they won't get involved even though it is clearly wrong what is happening. I suggested that the seller should be made to give their feedback first then once the buyer has received feedback the system would then allow the buyer to leave the seller a rating they feel is justified without the fear of a negative. The seller can always reply with a note that will appear underneath any feedback that has been left for them that they may feel is unjustified but allows a just feedback rating to be left for the seller. That way sellers would think twice about misleading buyers or providing a shoddy service. The only negative feedback I have had left has been because I have been honest & then the buyer spiteful. One seller left me neg after even though I left them positive (fear of negative being left for me) because I wrote in my feedback that it was a shame they more than trippled p&p costs. Again I paid straight away so this seller had no problem in receiving payment from me. A seller giving feedback first is the only way for a true rating system. 
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