Some helpful hints to beat 'last second bidders'

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Don't you just hate it when you've bid on an item, you're watching the last few seconds tick away, and then suddenly someone bids in pennies over your maximum bid and wins the item??

Well hopefully these hits and tips will help you to make sure that doesn't happen!  I've been buying and selling on eBay for nearly 2 years now, and these are the tricks I use to make sure that I always win whatever item I want to win!  Hopefully they'll help you to win the items you want too...

If you're not going to be around for the end of an auction, then my best advice is to bid early and bid high!!  eBay uses something called 'Proxy Bidding' which automatically bids on your behalf upto your maximum bid so the easiest way to beat last-minute bidders is to bid as high as you're willing to pay for the item!  When they try to outbid you at the last second, then eBay will beat them and you'll still win the item!!

If you're going to be online for the end of the auction, then my best advice is to keep 2 web pages open of the auction you're bidding on.  Have one page set up to show the auction, and the other page set up with your maximum bid entered so you all you need to do is click the 'confirm' button.  Use the 'F5' key on the first page to keep refreshing the page so you can keep an eye on the time left, and then, depending on how brave you are, click the confirm button when there is only seconds left!!  I usually leave it til there's only about 10 seconds left, but if you have a slow connection then you might be better allowing for 30 seconds.  Just remember, the longer left after you bid, the more chance someone might outbid you!!

A lot of eBay users I speak to like to enter an early bid and then use this method to enter a new bid if they're outbid at the last second.  This method is invaluable if you're outbid with 10 seconds left!!

For more tips or if you've got any questions about these tips then please feel free to contact me!!

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