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For those of you new to Ebay I have some simple advice to make your buying experience smoother. I'm not a guru by any means, but I've been buying and selling on Ebay for over three years, and I believe in helping newbies to keep from making my mistakes.  Most important is to check a sellers feedback. I won't deal with a seller with lower than a 99% positive feedback. I will sometimes take a chance with a seller that has no feedback (everyone's got to start somewhere) but realize that you are taking a chance. A seller with multiple positive feedbacks can have a few negatives, but beware of a pattern of "items not received & items not as described".  Also stay away from sellers with hundreds, or even thousands of positive feedbacks, that also have multiple negatives. These sharks will bite you!!  Next, check out the item description: Did the seller take the time, and make the effort to write a clear, full description of the item? If not, it's not worth YOUR time! Most honest sellers also include a picture or preferably pictures of item being sold. If there's no picture, picture is blurry, or does not show item from all sides, don't hesitate to ask seller to put one in his ad.  Also it's very important to know the shipping price. Did the seller state shipping clearly? The post office has a shipping calculator where you can estimate what shipping should cost to your location; make sure that price being charged is close to this. Don't get taken advantage of!  I once bought a CD for 99 cents from a seller in London, and fair or not, it sure wasn't worth the $6. and change shipping I was charged.  Well, I could write a whole book of pointers, but this is just a guide that should help newbies keep from being cheated. Please vote yes at the bottom if it was of some help to you. God bless. Larry (ambulancedork1985)

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