Some really useful Android apps, utilities and widgets

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Some really useful Android apps and utilities

Screen Filter

Screen too bright when reading in bed / under the duvet? 
Try Screen Filter. Very simple to use, preset your % (I use 57%). Then one click on the app icon/widget to enable / disable. Cancel or change settings from the pull-down menu. 
Don't select too low, beware the scale is not linear, or your screen could end up too dark to see!  If stuck, hold the power key down until the phone reboots.

Screen Grabber

Not happy with the screen capture on your phone? Try this app.
Resides on the pull down menu, snaps screen after a 5 second delay (so you can get the pull down menu out of the way).
Choose what you want to do with the shot afterwards.

Juice Defender

A great app if your phone uses too much battery. Lots of options even in the free version.


If you liked your school scientific calculator.

Camera Effects

The only app I have found that will do decent close-up shots (select the macro function).

Easy Uninstaller

A great way to figure out what you don't need and get rid of it. Takes a couple of minutes to get going - be patient - but tells you just how big all those kids apps are.
You can examine or launch each app from here too, just to remind yourself.

Advanced Task Killer

Can set to auto switch off un-needed background apps regularly. Mark your needed apps so they never get stopped. Or stop items manually, launch from the pull-down menu.

3G Watchdog

Great for tracking 3G usage if you have a limited data allowance. You can pre-set the limits and warning levels. Starts automatically whenever 3G/EDGE is used.
Access from the pull-down menu when 3G data is enabled.

TV Catchup

No login required. Watch 50 channels including many +1 channels if you missed the original start time. Brilliant for watching TV in bed with or without headphones. Use Wifi though.


Useful Widgets

Wifi OnOff

Switch off when you leave the house, switch on when you get home. One touch from home screen.

Airplane Mode

Switch Airplane mode on/off from home screen.

Circle Battery Widget

Tells you your remaining battery life as a percentage, works live as an icon, put it on your home screen for best effect. Very simple.

Screen Filter

 - see top. This can be used as a simple switch.

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