Sony Bravia Model Numbers

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Update June 08 - I wrote this guide over 2 years ago now and as such most of the information in here is now out dated. I am not going to update it with new series models and colour codes as I have not been keeping up with them. I have edited / deleted some of the information that I know is now not true now.  The same basic structure of the model code still applies ie, KDL46W4000U (digital-46"-midnight blue-UK).  Please do not email me questions about this guide, it is now for reference only. Thanks

I have been thinking of buying a Sony Bravia LCD TV and as I was doing some research I came across a site that explained what the model numbers mean, so I am going to share this with you to help you choose your TV.

These codes are as far as I know only for the current Sony Bravia range (2005 - 2006) and may or may not be irrelevant next year.

Here is a typical Sony LCD model number


This number can be split up into 5 different parts - KDL - 46 - V - 2000 - U


The first part tells you about the TV's tuner. KLV- means an Analogue tuner. KDL- means that the TV is equipped with a digital one and can pick up Digital Terrestrial broadcasts ("Freeview" in the UK).


This is the size of the screen in inches.


This is the series number.  There are 6 different letters that you can find here (U, S, V, X, W & E).

The U-Series:
The "value" range. The bottom range, designed to be cheap and sold at supermarkets and the like.

The S-Series:
One step up. The new S-Series models (KDL-xxS2000) feature the BRAVIA Engine technology. The older ones (KDL-SxxA12) do not.

The V-Series: 
This is the affordable higher end option. They have always featured picture cleanup technology. The first BRAVIAs used "WEGA Engine", but the new ones use "BRAVIA Engine". The "V2000" versions also feature the new "Live Colour Creation" backlight, which apparently produces far better colour reproduction.

The X-Series :
These are the best TV's that Sony produce but only come in 40" and above sizes. . The picture quality is also slightly better than the V-Series. The X-Series also features BRAVIA ENGINE EX and Digital Reality Creation, which are both included to enhance the quality of the picture specifically for large, high-res panels. You pay a lot more money for the X series but you can tell the difference when compared to other models in a shop.

The W-Series:
They are still one of the "prestigious" Sony models. They produce picture qualities that are slightly worse to the X series but far greater than the V series.  They offer great value for money compared to the X series and as such have grown in popularity.

The E - Series:
These are the Rear Projection TVs that are based off an LCD technology.


This is the colour of the TV's casing and does not change the technical spec of the TV.

2000 - Grey
2010 - Dark Grey
2020 - Silver


The "U" suffix means "United Kingdom". Continental Europe has the "E" suffix.


I hope this will guide will help you in choosing a TV.


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