Sony DSC-TX20 Vs. Sony DSC-WX150

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Digital cameras can be a stressful buying decision, after factoring in the many choices to choose from. The DSC-TX20 and DSC-WX150 are good choices for photographers and shutterbugs alike. The DSC-TX20 has a lot going for it, however the DSC-WX150 comes out ahead for wildlife photography and attracts attention with its high camera resolution.
Sony DSC-TX20 Sony DSC-WX150
Features Sony DSC-TX20 Sony DSC-WX150
Height 5.62 cm 5.24 cm
Weight 118 gr 117 gr
Exterior Color Pink;Orange;Green;Blue;Black Silver;Red;Blue;Black
TouchScreen Yes Not Specified
Integrated Memory size 19 MB 19 MB
HDMI Output Yes Yes
Screen Diagonal Size 3" 3"
Digital Camera Type Compact Compact
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 16.2 MP 18.2 MP
Width 9.59 cm 9.23 cm
Waterproof Yes Not Specified
Digital Zoom 16x 40x
Max Resolution Video 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Optical Zoom 4x Not Specified
Depth 1.79 cm 2.16 cm
Screen Technology LCD LCD

Sony DSC-TX20

The DSC-TX20 has a 16.2 MP camera sensor resolution, so you can capture moments in time with amazing clarity. Furthermore, its 4x optical zoom helps you shoot close looking shots from a distance. Show images on high-definition TVs thanks to the DSC-TX20's HDMI connection. Moreover, it boasts a 3-inch screen size, so you can relish an expansive viewing area.

Sony DSC-WX150

The DSC-WX150 has an 18.2 MP camera sensor resolution, so you can create dramatic photo enlargements. Moreover, you can capture lots of detail even when far away thanks to the DSC-WX150's 10x optical zoom. Its HDMI connection helps you connect to HD televisions or projectors. What's more, it has a 3.3-inch screen size, allowing you to instantly playback your photos and videos.

Comparing the Sony DSC-TX20 Vs Sony DSC-WX150

Generally speaking, the DSC-WX150 edges out the competition and is a great bet for travel photography and wildlife photography. The DSC-WX150 has a 12% greater sensor resolution, allowing you to create better looking photographic prints. Furthermore, you can get tighter shots from longer distances thanks to its 150% larger optical zoom. What's more, the DSC-WX150's 10% larger screen size enables you to enjoy a more dramatic viewing area. In addition, it features a lighter weight, so you can shoot hand-held for longer periods of time. However, the DSC-TX20 does well with a convenient HDMI connection.

Buying On eBay

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