Sony Ericsson K800i is a nice phone if compare with N70

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What I need to say is K800i. This is a nice phone I never seen. The battery life last longer then most other same grade phones. I was a Nokia user and used to ( Nokia only ) and always claim that nokia the best. After switched to Sony Ericsson ( from Nokia N70 ) I found big differences between N70 and K800i. Compared, If K800i is 9/10 then N70 will be 5/10 of best.

Firstly about the battery life N70 only last about 1 to 2 days by normal activity while K800i using Polymer battery which last more days from N70 Lithium battery, about 5 days for same usage for me.

The camera, K800i camera function is good enough close to my Leica digital camera. Hardware is good aswell. N70 function is not bad and hardware only ( so so ) . I use as everything that required images such as recording or just take an image.

The high resolution multi-anger display screen that allow you to view your images or play your games from any anger without losing colour, from right, left, up or down you will get same colour resolution ( while N70 will displaying negative effect colour when you view from right or left ).

Processor, 250% faster then N70. N70 was too slow for me, even just press on menu button it take me about 5 second if my phone book was full.

N70 will easy become mark on the facial even you put on your pocket without keys or coins. This is because the silver surface on N70 for it to look better then only black surface.

About function some points N70 will better then K800i like voice common N70 is stronger. Just speak any name from your phone book without adding name common on your contact while K800i can't do it.

For me, I mean for me charging on N70 will easier because the connector between phone and charger just simply 1 connect but K800i bigger connector with 2 plugs.


For me, this is what important for mobile phone and it was what I been looking for about 2 years.

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