Sony Ericsson warranty invalid if bought on ebay

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Please note that if a Sony Ericsson product has been purchased on ebay, then Sony Ericsson will not honour the manufacturers warranty.

My new Sony Ericsson product failed after six weeks and I sent it to the service centre with a copy of the ebay/paypal proof of purchase documentation.  Sony Ericsson have refused to repair/replace it under their warranty because they do not accept the proof of purchase.

They wish me to pay £10 to get my faulty item back and will only repair it if I agree to pay for it.

I have tried phoning them, but had to pay for a premium rate line listening to music, whilst stuck in a queue.

My advice is, only buy a Sony Ericsson product from ebay, if you are happy to throw it in the bin if it fails, or pay for the repair yourself.

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