Sony Playstation 3 Prices + When is it out?

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Hi there

As you well know that the Sony Playstation 3 is due out this year. Infact it is Due out November 17th 2006 Everywhere.  The Priceing of this console depends on which Version you want.  The Ps3 with a 20Gb Hard drive and NO wireless finction will cost £499. the TOP end version includes 60Gb hard drive and wireless joypads cost £599.  Like the XBOX360, when that first came out, the prices on Ebay were going for approx £1000 because all shops will definatly sell out. I believe you will see silly prices on ebay for the PS3, probily going for just the same amount (approx £1000). So i have found a website for selling PS3s, where you WILL NOT be ripped off, and prices will be cheaper than shop prices and thoes people selling ps3s for crazey amounts of money.  The website is

I hope this helps people.


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