Sound Enginneering - Recording, Mixing, Mastering Book

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Sound Engineering - Made Easy

The Sound Engineering Made Easy book was written for beginner students, classroom teaching and more specifically for school study and making sure students pass their Sound Engineering exam. The author - Stuart Clyde has written this book on the back of the success of MIDI Sequencing Made Easy . Teachers have been flocking to buy this resource in bundled packs to open the door to a much clouded subject. Now it's made easy!

With the much awaited sound engineering book from softplanet, students can learn from plugging into a mixer, setting up microphones, using effects, recording bass, guitar, keyboards and piano. There are notes on mixing, masstering and how to create an mp3 and ultimately record your multitrack recording onto CD.

Using the Boss BR-600 as a vehicle to demonstrate the multitrack recording process, the book includes a CD-ROM including 82 audible concepts to let you hear the many different types of effects including distortion, reverb, delay, flanger etc. as well as the effects of good and bad microphone proximity effect and much more... clearly for you to listen to. There are tutorial movies on how to record using the BR-600 plus a FULL audio editing / recording program called Audacity. Additionally, you can print out Edit Log Sheets, Session Log Sheets and a Take Log Sheet direct from the CD-ROM for as many times as you need to.

This book is a great resource of information explained in simple terms what everything is and does.

A fantastic book for anybody interested in becoming a Sound Engineer.

Sound Engineering Book & CD-ROM featuring Boss BR-600

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