Sound Specifications of DVDs

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Sound Specifications

Check what sound spec the DVD you are buying has. Refer to this guide to make sure you are optimizing your hardware. If you own a DTS ES system, but do not own any DTS ES DVDs, then you are not optimizing your harware and you have wasted your money. So check the sound spec below before you buy any DVDs.

Q. What is surround sound?      
A. Surround sound systems require a number of additional speakers arranged around the room. Discs are formatted so that different speakers play different sounds from a variety of sound “channels” resulting in a surround effect. Those without multiple speaker sound systems shouldn’t have a problem playing any encoded discs, although the benefits will not necessarily be apparent without the correct equipment.

* Mono 1.0: One channel sound. The same sound information is relayed by all speakers.
* Dolby Digital 2.0: Also referred to as Dolby Surround. This utilises the front two sound channels. Other sound information is broadcast through the same speakers.
* Dolby Digital 5.1: This uses the two front channels, a centre front channel, two rear channels and an additional ‘low frequency effects’ channel. It is the standard for most cinemas and many DVDs.
* Dolby Digital EX: An enhanced version of Dolby Digital 5.1, includes a centre-rear audio channel.
* DTS: An acronym for Digital Theatre System. Essentially similar channel usage to Dolby Digital 5.1, but superior compression techniques result in enhanced sound definition.
* DTS ES: Similar to Dolby Digital EX, this adds a centre rear channel to DTS.

I hope this guide helps you. Refer to it in the future, whenever you buy a DVD.
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