Spam to your eBay email address

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The never ending battle against eBay Induced Spam

Most regular ebay'ers now use a separate email account for eBay to prevent the never ending flow of spam generated by eBay purchases mixing with their normal email but after time this eBay only email is more spam than eBay, which makes it hard to wade through. 

eBay's official policy is that your email address, which *IS* provided to sellers is only for use during the transaction, but of course many sellers such as eBuyer, Maplin, etc just don't care and the very act of purchasing something automatically subscribes you to their spam and those they sell your details to, which is ok if you want it, but most don't. 

You could report it to eBay, but to be honest, they don't seem to care. I've tried on several occasions and got absolutely nowhere. 

There are guides out there for creating 'rules' in your email system to delete all but email's beginning with "Order dispatched", "Order Confirmed", etc but that list keeps changing and your going to wind up loosing stuff you need, especially if eBay do their usual and remove listings AFTER you've purchased leaving you no record online. 

So, here's what I do now, and it works a wonder. My Internet services provider gives me the ability to create 'aliases' for my email address via their portal. So I created

ebay1@mydomain and set that up in eBay, used it until the spam started, then created ebay2@mydomain and updated eBay then removed ebay1@mydomain. 

Of course my domain name isn't mydomain but you get the idea. This simple technique kills the spam stone dead. I've just checked my ebay mailbox (ebay11@) and just today I've got spam from 'Monster Racking' and 'FFX' trying to sell my crap I don't want.. Time for ebay12@  :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps someone. Have a good day and keep it real !
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