Spartan total warrior ps2 game

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Thought I'd share my views of a PS2 game I have just eventually completed (story mode). Spartan is the most surprising game I have ever encountered. I had heard about a while ago and never got round to buying it as the idea of a roman/spartan mythology themed game didn't really appeal and the reviews never seemed too be too enthusiastic.I eventually got it on ebay for about £6 inc P&P about 4 months ago. Apparently the game is not historically accurate but that's not my real concern. Like all games once you know what is going on and you've kind of mastered the controls, you will find here a most challenging, pleasing to the eye, at times infuriating knockout of a game. In my mind, a classic, and although there will be critics who will find negatives about it, I loved it and will replay a few of the individual missions and continue to battle my way through the arena mode until I have no thumbs left! Pure bliss..........
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