Spells of your own and published spells.

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Spells in books and spells you make.

Simple or not? To buy or not?

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Making up your own spells and rituals is not as easy as it sounds, especially if your constantly asking yourself will this work? To make a spell work is to believe that it will and therefor to have a tried and tested ready made spell is to hopefully know it works.

Therefor it is ideal that you have a blank spell book for your own personal creations and either a published spell book or researched spells. Spells can be bought from retailers although most of them do not work, never by a ready made spell with all the items needed as a kit unless it states that it is TRIED AND TESTED within the description. Then even after seeing this information how would you know this retailer is telling the truth, to be honest you don't, with ebay you can look at the persons feedback but even then they could be new or a new addition to their sales, a retailer on the street can show you credits from past clients but theres nothing to say if they are genuine or not. Real witches however and elder folk usually do not lie, spells past down within your family are usually real ones with numerous results and well worth recording in a special note pad or book of shadows.

My suggestion to all is that they have at least one published spell book in their collection, the elemental encyclopedia of 5000 spells, titanias spell books (look under titania) and silver ravenwolves Book of shadows are a few of the reliable ones. And one book of their own to add  any ideas and spells that they may wish to try.

Bulk Buy spell kits that are manufactured by a large reatailer could cost you over £15 and be completely useless. Small companies that make their spell kits using well known spells and hereditary spells could also be completely useless but are more likely to have the desired result. Many spell kits sold are not researched, they could have a result that you are completely unprepaired for!!!!

The question still reins on whether to make up your own or not, the new age of the craft make their own spells regually but the key to spells is to really believe they will work, and to buy from someone who knows what they are doing.

Dont pay any more than £15 for a kit no matter how badly you need something to work for you or another, most good simple kits are around £5 so its not too much of a loss if it doesnt work first time. Generally spells are easy to get equiptment for, some however are not as general and need confidence and particular equiptment all of which a good retailer can get for you even if they do not stock it. I do not claim to be an excellent reatailer and I can only go on what I know from studying the craft and selling items myself, my clients are often suprised on how quickly i can get them items. However this is an example only.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and help out where I can and I hope this guide is helpful to you.

Brightest blessings

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