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Bugbuster is a humane spider catcher that is also great for trapping insects, mosquitos, daddy long legs, fleas and other creepy crawlies without touching them, without the need for sprays or chemicals and without fuss.

We know that some people really don't like spiders and, with you in mind, we created the Bug Buster Spider Vac. You can humanely catch pretty much any spider in the house and, without having to get too close to it of course, release it outside so that it lives and you can live more peacefully.

Bugbuster is a battery operated bug trap that can catch spiders off ceilings, daddy long legs from walls and mosquitos from windows.  With this listing, the Bug Buster Spider Vac is supplied with an ENERGIZER battery and the special 'turbo boost' nozzle that concentrates the suction and enables spiders to be plucked from corners, from curtains, carpets and pretty much anywhere you spot one.

Bugbuster is a powerful moth trap too.  Again, just as with the spider, point the open end of the Bug Buster spider catcher at the moth and hold the button down.  The moth will be quickly and safely vac'd up for easy removal from the house.

Humane and easy to use, Bugbuster is a must for anyone that prefers insects outside to inside.  It is not a spider killer.  Our research told us that all but the most hardened of spider haters recognised that spiders do good work: eating flies and other undesirable critters and that, as much as they are disliked / frightening, most people would prefer not to kill a spider.  The Bug Buster spider vac does just that. Yes, it sucks up the spider into the clear plastic tube, but it doesn't cause any harm to the spider and the spider can easily be released outside the house without you having to touch it.

Bug Buster is supplied with a two piece tube that extends to 59 cm - keeping the critter almost 2 feet away from you!

To use, simply point the nozzle at the critter, holding it a couple of cm away.  Now press the button to activate the suction and BAM! the critter is sucked into the tube.  Hold it vertical with the open end up, put the cap on and then empty the critter out of the tube outside.

It really is as easy as that.

The Bug Buster spider vac is posted quickly and it really does make an ideal gift.  It is surely every arachnophobe's dream!
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