Spoof & Fishing Emails - How to spot & protect yourself

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Checking if eBay emails are Spoof / Fishing

Hi over the years I have been trading on ebay I have had SPOOF or FISHING emails from third parties.

  • SPOOF - This is a sight trying to gain access to your web sight accounts such as EBAY
  • FISHING - This is a term for a sight that is directly wanting links to your money accounts such as PAYPAL 

I check out there legitimacy by doing the following:-

  1. Any link in the email rest your mouse pointer over, YES JUST REST ON IT. At the bottom right of Internet Explorer you should see a link this should start http: www(dot)ebay(dot)co(dot)uk if it doesn't, forward the Email to Spoof(at)ebay(dot)co(dot)uk they will then email you to tell you that it is spoof. You should delete that Email once sent to ebay.
  2.  Even if you have http: www(dot)ebay(dot)co(dot)uk I would advise you to enter www(dot)ebay(dot)co(dot)uk direct into Internet Explorer and log onto your ebay account and goto MY MESSAGES, where there should be a copy and then continue as this is a safe way. This is a way to double check that the email is genuine

I have visited a sight but I dont think it was a ture eBay sight.

These sights generally start with four sets of numbers before the words www.ebay.co.uk you should do the following:-

  1. Log in to your account via www(dot)ebay(dot)co(dot)uk and select to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, I was lucky I visited a sight and realized in time and I then changed my password within 5 mins.
  2. You should also inform ebay that you have visited a sight and that YOU have changed the password.

The above details work for any account not just eBay but PayPal and also the high street banks who also have the same problems


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