Spoof e mails and how to spot them

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I have been receiving so many e mails from (supposed Paypal, Safe Harbour and EBay) all asking me to click in a link within the e mail and update my details.

Many threaten the loss of services if information is not updated within a certain time, some just state they are checking records, but there are many circulating.

Whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS, if you are unsure as to the authenticity, send a copy to Ebay or Paypal and include the header.



The header can be obtained by right clicking on the Subject/From box above the body of the e mail. Then go to File, Properties, then details. This will then display the entire path of the e mail, copy this and paste it into the copy e mail you send to Ebay/Paypal.

You will receive a response from Ebay/Paypal to confirm they will investigate the e mail, then another shortly afterwards to confirm whether genuine.

Out of 20 e mails received like this, only one has been genuine and it is worth pointng out that it did not ask me to click on the link within the e mail, but to sign in as I would normally through my web browser.

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