Spoof mail!

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Well what can I say...........this is the one thing that we all dread and I think at some point it happens to each and every one of us! If it has not happened to you then you are very lucky!

With myself, I was sent an email to my email address telling me to pay **** for something I bought! Straight away I knew I had not even looked at such an item and went into my ebay page to check it out and there was nothing to be found! How strange, I thought why have I been sent a message from paypal to my email address and not my message box on ebay!

At first I could not work it out because at first glance, the email looked real...............It actually looked like an email sent from PAYPAL! I remembered reading about spoof mail and things to look out for and one of the things was what followed in the address line after the http://!

One thing I noticed was LOADS of numbers and it was a big no no! It was my first clue that I had been sent spoof mail! I did not click on anything in the email and I went back into my ebay site map and found spoof mail and found out what to do............I followed the instructions and sent it off to be checked out and it was SPOOF MAIL!

The important thing I learned from this is to find out as much as possible from ebay incase there is a problem and you will be prepared!

Had I not read up on spoof emails, I could have clicked on it and lost a lot of money!

Think about your own security!

Do not tell anyone your passcode and change them on a regular basis and always report things even if you are unsure as ebay are there to help!

I hope this helps you all to be more aware of how easy it is to fall into the trap and get caught out by spoof mail!

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