Spot Fake Gillette Razor Blades Mach 3 Turbo Fusion

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Dear Ebayer

if you're reading this and find this guide of use please vote YES below, I'm only trying to help you all to learn from my experiences and save you time and more importantly MONEY!!!

Hi, Are you looking to save money on expensive Gillette razor blades ?

Then you need to be aware that there are many fakes out there on Ebay and sellers are claiming they don't know they are selling FAKES ???

CHECK before you bid/buy - ALL genuine Gillette blades have Gillette stamped into the base of the blade - ALL the FAKES DON'T !!!!

So ask the seller who has them listed if they have this and you should be OK

DON'T rely on Positive feedback - how many of us receive the item and automatically just leave feedback BEFORE you've actually tried the product?

If you've recently bought blades - check them out - do they have Gillette stamped into the blade ? NO then complain to the seller.

You'll know if you shave with them that they are not as sharp are the real blades and they DRAG on your face, it's a very noticeable difference to the real thing - don't settle for cheap imitations SEEK GENUINE SELLERS.

Hope this helps - there are a lot of people wasting hard earned cash on fake gear from Ebay - it has to stop !




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