Spot Louis Vuitton Fakes Part 2

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This is the second part of my guide where I will show you pictures of some fake Louis Vuitton bags that are on sale on ebay right now and explain why they are fake.

Note: These bags COULD be real and I could be wrong but I wasn't convinced. If you would like to purchase them ask for the receipt and packaging.

For this one it seemed to me that the symbols on the bag were too crowded together, then I was positive it was fake after seeing the second picture because the stitching is terrible. You can see at the top just above the small circle symbol that it goes up slightly. It's also slightly wonky at th sides and the holes after each stitch are way too big. This sale offered no packaging at all so I wouldn't buy it.

This one speaks for itself (well, to me anyway). An authentic Louis Vuitton bag like this would most certainly not break that much!! No matter how much you used it. It was scuffed so the design had suffered, the zip was scratched, a stud had come out, the inside was coverd in pen marks....etc. I fail to see why this is even on sale! This is DEFINATELY not a real Louis Vuitton bag! The seller does admit to it being used alot and in quite bad condition though. This item does not come with any packaging whatsoever. Not even the key to the padlock, which doesn't open anything.

I couldn't find the picture of the bag itself for this one (I got the pictures of the bags afterwards) but it's obviously far too dark and Louis Vuitton do not put 'Louis Vuitton' on the studs that hold the straps together plus, the stud is too dark. The stitching is also too dark. Even if the light in this picture was bad if the bag was authentic it still wouldn't have 'Louis Vuitton' on the stud. I don't know if this came with packaging because I can't find it again. But it doesn't matter because it's not real anyway.

The writing on the label in the second picture was a huge giveaway for this one because it's not Louis Vuitton writing. It's not a very good picture but don't fall for it because this one is completely fake.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helped.

          Happy Bidding!
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