Spot PHISHING / SPAM eBay emails without opening them.

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There are tonnes of eBay based emails that scammers and spammers  use to try and cheat you.
I personally receive about 5 - 10 everyday asking me to login to a fake site or to check out a a store selling counterfeit goods.

Here's what I noticed that would be  first line of defense.

All eBay emails from other members are titled as such:

FROM                                                    SUBJECT
eBay Member: yourusername             Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #27***********

Usually, you would see messages like:

FROM                                                    SUBJECT
eBay Member- yourusername

eBay Member yourusername

eBay Member  :  yourusername

ebay Member: yourusername

Ebay member - yourusername

They may look pretty similar, but once you notice it and remember the style it is very easy to spot the different and know that it is 100% NOT from eBay

Suppose it does follow the correct format, don't take it for real. Do more verification like check out the item number by keying it into

Lastly, never log into eBay from email you do not trust. If you need to, always check the URL in the address bar to ensure that you are logging into the eBay portal. (e.g is not an eBay site)
These are scam websites trying to steal your username and password!

Take care and be prudent!

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