Spot a Bad One

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I have just come out of a very bad experience with a rogue buyer. I should have seen the warning signs, and I will in future. Here are the principal ones: More than one name, address or e-mail address, let alone another country. Demanding delivery to other country, demand made from one of two British Isles addresses. Being rude when asked about additional postage costs. Not replying to e-mails. Earlier negative feedback (not now possible in the cases of rogue buyers). Not paying until a threat is made of cancellation of sale and re-listing. Not then paying the agreed additional postage costs. If complainant has one one address in Eire, another in UK - 'cos that appears to be an advantage for rogue complainants.

The probable saga continues. File negative feedback and then have a 'not as described' complaint made against you. Although ridiculous ('parts missing, incomplete'for a BLAZER JACKET!) PayPal take up the issue and ignore all sellers representations. Saga allowed to continue way past specified time limitations; if that happens, INSIST upon correct closure action, AT ONCE). Complainer then not responding to PayPals requests for info. All that led to was  a (false) e-mail from by PayPal that I had agreed to refund!. Eventually, as rogue realised that I would take legal action, case closed and complaint failed.

So, be on your guard; watch for the early warning signs, cancel sale if possible, because you will not get help from PayPal except by default of complainant. With ending of feedback on buyers, it'll get worse!

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