Spotting FAKE BENCH, Counterfeit copy items

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They are some dead giveaways when shopping for Bench as what is fake and what

Stock Bags -Bench items which are genuine come in clear unbranded plastic bags, they have a small sticker to the front with the product code, which should match the product code on the tag.  They never ever ever come in a bag which has Bench plastered across the front. 

All Bench items should have an internal side label which includes the code for the garment and also the Bench logo,

Check the sizing, Bench do not use S/M, M/L or XL.  For coats, hoodies and tops they use XS (which is approx an 8), S which is approx a 10, M which is approx a 12, L which is approx a 14 and LL which is approx a 16 (they do not use XL on ladies clothes).

Trousers always come in waist size, 26 inches, 30 inches max is normally 34. 

There is a Vero owner for  Bench on eBay - so if you have any suspicions, click on the Vero pages for eBay and report the seller,

Without everyone working together eBay will continue to be blighted by fakes and lookie likies.  Happy safe shopping

Suz xx

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