Spotting a Fake ! Designer label !

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EBAY ! for all the honest sellers within its communities it can take just one Dishonest seller to effect all the good work done , I try my utmost to check & Cross Check the authenticity of all auction items we sell , We do this by the way of the experience attained in 20+ years of wearing , Buying & selling top designer labels from the early 80,s when the term "Dressers" & "Casuals" etc was at it,s beginning and as a result of what i can see to be pure volume of Fake designer clothing in the marketplace today to share some easy checklists to getting a genuine bargain  and not a cheap imitation chinese takeaway.

If you follow these easy guidelines you won't go far wrong >  

Their is 1 question ! and only 1 question that needs to be asked  ! it,s the same 1 question for ALL designer Labels weather it be ARMANI , LACOSTE, HUGO BOSS, PRADA, SUPER DRY , STONE ISLAND, PAUL & SHARK , PAUL SMITH , VIVIENNE WEST WOOD

 Ask the seller Is the Auction item Authentic ? 1 very simple indiscreet question ! but to the point ! it either YES ! or NO !

Ask this question and no matter what the seller says in his or hers auction listing if the auction item is a fake you will get your money back in full ! don't be put off by listings saying " NO REFUNDS" If the item is a Fake eBay resolution team will find in your Favour ! 

Obviously No it,s not authentic you dont buy the item ! in this case you would report the auction item ! But if the seller states in a return message to you

the auction item is AUTHENTIC , GENUINE, etc etc go ahead a buy it and when you receive it check the item meticulously for instance one of the most common fakes is the Lacoste Polo Shirts  a couple of easy checks >  

 1) What is printed on the wash label ? the answer you're looking for is either "DEVANLAY" or "BASI. SA" ! if one of these words s not on the label more than likely it,s fake but If the polo shirt,s label is faded move onto next question Buttons !

 2 ) Are the buttons on the polo shirt or casual / Formal Short or long sleeved Genuine mother of pearl buttons and NOT plastic ? dont no the difference between plastic & mother of pearl ! If you have a young child get one of their school shirts tap it on your tooth ! do the same with the auction items button ! a mother of pearl button because it is organic ! is like a sea shell and will make a distinct noise compared to the school shirt which 99.999999 times out of 100 is cheap plastic !

 3 ) Fabric Feel the Fabric this is the same for all top designer labels feel the fabric , Look at the stitching , for instance if you have a neck label in the back of a E.g Lacoste Polo Shirt or Ralph Lauren  or Hugo Boss polo shirt and it,s skew wiff  bit off etc it,s more than likely a fake the material used in a genuine polo shirt by any of the 3 in no way should resemble the cheap white school polo shirts on offer in George "ASDA" all polo shirts by the 3 named are £65 to £130 the feel of the fabric should be that of quality ! the stitching is precise ! not like it,s just been rushed through in a sweatshop at the end of the day it,s your money your spending , Quality genuine designer items last longer and if put alongside a imitation "FAKE" 9 times out of 10 Stand out like a sore thumb , It takes just a minute to look up on Google and check how to spot a fake of the label you're intending to buy .
4 ) I have read many reviews stating if a designer Hugo Boss Jacket or Paul & shark sweater, Armani Jeans etc are listed at 99p start price they must be Fakes , Ive never heard so much crap in my life O.K theres an awful lot who only use eBay for Buy it now items but in my experience there is a whole lot more use Ebay for Bargains now i aint saying some buy it nows items are not bargains but given the choice 99.99% of ppl would like to pay 99p. so dont be put off buying just because a designer item is at a start price of 99p at the end of the day eBay is a online retail environment you have the same right as if you purchased a item from a high street shop !!!! always ensure you read the description in full ! and the returns policy. 
One last note with royal mail hiking their charges through the roof some sellers are blatantly ripping buyers off with the postal charges they are charging the only way to stop this is by sellers reflecting this in the feedback system We as a seller believe a buyer is buying the item listed and should not expect to be hit with a hidden charge the absolute max for any Polo shirts, jumper, Jeans, Trainers " Without box " should be charged with packaging is £5 and that is the MAX been charged more you been ripped off if a seller states postage is £10 contact them asking them to consider a courier where the charge up to 2kg is at most £4.89 with a plastic bag 10p £4.99 call it £5 !

REMEMBER ! Any doubts ask a question or two genuine sellers don't have a problem with helping if possible .

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