Spotting a SCAMMER

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NEVER EVER post ANYTHING to ANYONE unless you have received cold hard cash in your hand, the cheque has been cashed into your account and funds are visible or most importantly...YOUR own PayPal account shows the funds from the person who was buying your item. Anyone who sends you an email allegedly from "PayPal" or "Ebay" asking for a tracking number after you send an item or waffles on about their "sick" auntie/uncle/mother etc etc is a SCAMMER!! Immediately forward their email to spoof@ebay for further investigation. The tracking number decoy is quite effective to the new user of ebay, they first tell you that money has been taken out of their paypal account and is in a "holding" account. The funds will be released into your paypal account after you email the tracking number of the parcel......UTTER BULLSH*T!! PayPal funds are an instant and direct transfer and ALWAYS show up in your own PayPal information and is usualy confirmed into your email inbox.

So far I have had 3 people (All from Africa, Nigeria in main) try this scam on me. I nearly fell for it the first time as I was new to ebay and paypal, thankfully alarm bells went off before I sent the item and all was sorted. Sometimes these people take over someones ebay account too, so try not to initialy blame the actual account holder as they are almost always unaware.

These people make me sick, hense this guide to fellow, honest traders. Ebay is great for bargains, but remember the old saying...IF SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALY IS!!!

Regards, Alan

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