Spotting a fake Nike Free

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After getting my first fake purchase and not seeing any reviews or warnings about Nike Frees, I took it to myself to warn others with pictures.

-Firstly my purchase was firstly made from a 'UK' seller but turned out it was sent from China. Warning alarms should start ringing as most other fake Nike products on Ebay come from the East ie Hong Kong, China, Vietnam etc etc.

-Next warning was when I received the package of a plastic bag that contained the Nike Frees, no box with the item. *A note was left explaining the higher cost I would have to pay with the box in the post.*

-After taking them out at first glance it looked genuine but after feeling suspicious I decided to goggle about telltale signs of fake Nikes.

China Sent Nike Free 5.0            UK Shop Purchased Nike Free 3.0

The pictures above are the trainers I had purchased, UK purchase was as a result to prove the China one was fake.

-Here are the signs I noticed

Pictured here are from left to right China Nike Free 5.0, UK Nike Free 3.0 and my old Nike Free 5.0 purchased from Nike online.

The black squared on the bottom (Heel) and tips(Little toe) of the sole are made of carbon rubber called BRS 1000. Its soft and pretty much stops you slipping.

The UK and old pair of Nike Frees I have both feel soft and non slippery but the China purchase feel hard and slippery and certainly not rubber but in fact plastic.
If you look carefully too the black plastic squares have hanging badly cut bits telltale signs of bad workmanship. This is a worry as the whole idea of these grips is to get the traction you need when running but with these fake plastic grips you could well get injured from these.

-Next sign

The Nike Information Tag

From left to right China Nike Free 5.0, UK Nike Free 3.0 and my old Nike Free 5.0

As you can see the China purchase tag is very unclear and what looks to be ironed on transfer with the whole tag crinkled. Tags 2 & 3 are ironed on but on edges only leaving the information clear to see from the barcode to the small lettering at the bottom.

 -Next sign

The Insole

From left to right China Nike Free 5.0, UK Nike Free 3.0 and my old Nike Free 5.0

Fake version does not have air holes for breathing unlike New and Old Nike Frees real ones. Colours of fake are clearly not the same as the original 2nd one with the pictured feet over yellowed and green. Nike sign is light on the fake version.
with 1 and 2 turned around the shape of the insoles are clearly different and fake one does not have the Nike stamp in the middle and the breath holes are clearly seen.

If you are purchasing Nike Free please go to Nike online site first to compare the purchase. One thing I never thought of during the time was that the China Nike Free colours are not available from Nikes official site even in customising. As with a lot of guides about purchasing items if the price is too good to be true then it is. I learnt this the hard way and currently waiting for the response of the seller for a full refund.

Just becareful online!
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