Spotting recast models

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Righteo this guide is to give a few basic ways to spot recast models online and in person.
Lets get this started with resin colour.
Right forgeworld have manaufactured models in a number of different coloured resins in the past, the modern stuff is done in a grey/white resin. However older peices were made in a number of different shades the most common were a greenish grey resin, a pure white resin and a cream resin. On occasion you may also see a very dark grey resin being used, odds are thats a recast.
Most recasts are cast using a two part mould that creates very promient mould lines. These typically appear on the sides of legs and arms of a model. They tend to be thicker than your average mould line.
Bent spears and swords. Ok when it comes to finecast you will 9/10 get a model with a bent weapon, as such if you see a high number of models with reasonably straight weapons cast in resin then they're most likely fakes. The whole bendy weapons is due to gw's choice in resin while recasters tend to use more availible but less flexible resin.
That brings us along to brittleness, finecast and forgeworld resin has a fair amount of bend to it. Most recast models are made using very brittle resin so watch out for large numbers of snapped parts.
Loss in detail is another fairly basic marker of a recast model, its true that occasionally badly cast models slip by gw's screening process but its rare to see large numbers of bad casts at anyone time.
I'm going to make a generalisation here, if your buying forgeworld product from asia its recast. Most recasting is done in China, off the top of my head I can think of around twenty sellers on various sites based in china that offer recasts. Interestingly enough one or two are in a legal grey area due to them owning official moulds.
If a seller has a large number of forgeworld models basecoated only odds are its a recast, this is done to disguise incorrectly coloured resin.

Thats the basic guide, apply this with a bit of golden sense and your golden. The most recast items are the HH line forgeworld prodcuces, pretty much every recaster has most of this line availible. Fantasy recasters are rare and tend to focus on large kits such as monsters. Lotr recasters are almost nonexistant.

Oh if you've bought an item and are unsure of it on arrival, put a dust mask on and give it a sniff. If it stinks its almost certainly a recast.

Hope this is helpfull to everyond
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