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Spray Booth
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Spray Booth

Best Filtration For Your Spray Booth

If you do any type of spraying with paint or powder then you will need to protect your sprayers and use the correct filters for the perfect finish. We recommend for your Spray Booth intake filters using our M5 EN779 with the tacky resin and the scrim back  if your want to keep your costs down then M5 non tacky will be a great solution.Your extraction filters can be our Binks type filter (or Paint stop) our filters are heavy duty and can last up to three times longer than the normal paint stop green filters. Our Paint Stop filters are normally used in the floor grids and are 50 or 100 mm thick and when used with our blue pre filters  will ensure  EPA Compliant guidelines. 

EPA Compliance Overview
The Environmental Protection Act 1990 brought far reaching legislative control to bear on UK manufacturers and operators of industrial processes.
The act is described as, 'An Act to make provision for the improved control of pollution arising from certain industrial and other processes'. Contravention of the act carries a hefty £20,000 maximum penalty.
A division of C-Air Filtration Ltd provides advice and practical assistance on environmental issues that affect your business, such as Process emissions, Waste water treatment, Process Chemical Disposal, Spray Booth waste management and general industrial EPA compliance.

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