Spring Clean Your Car: A Handy Guide

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Give your car a pat on the bonnet for making it through the winter. Harsh weather, salt, grit, potholes and perhaps a bit of neglect have been overcome and it's now time to give your pride and joy a well-earned and long overdue spring clean.

Check your calendar and forecasts for a free weekend which promises fine weather and get your car looking as good as new with our handy guide. Arm yourself with a small bin or box, bin bag, glass cleaner, cleaning wipes, flat head screwdriver, paper towels and a vacuum cleaner (handheld ideally) and you are good to go.

Get Rid of the Rubbish

Cars have a weird habit in winter. They somehow transform into mobile storage facilities for all the things that you didn't want to take indoors during the cold winter nights. Get a bin bag and collect all the rubbish and set aside the items you need to keep. The key to getting rid of the clutter is to be thorough. Check the glovebox, doors, centre console and other popular storage locations as well as under seats and in the boot. You'll be surprised with what you find!

Wipe Time

Grab your car wipes and go over all visible surfaces such as the steering wheel, centre console, dashboard, dials and door handles. If you've got leather seats use the wipes to clean these at the same time. For extra stubborn areas you might need something a bit stronger to get the dirt out. We recommend wrapping a wipe around the end of a flat head screwdriver as our weapon of choice.

Bring Out the Towels

Grab your glass cleaner and spray liberally on your paper towels. Apply these to any glass surface such as the windscreen and rear window to get them glistening in no time.

Vacuum and Relax

Grab your floor mats and bang them against one another to get rid of any surface dirt. Once you've done this go to town with the vacuum cleaner. Pop the mats on a clean surface and vacuum ensuring you've removed any attachments. Trust us this does the trick as it has more sucking power. Once you've finished with the mats go to town on the interior running the vacuum along any surface including every nook and cranny. To make this easier we recommend sliding the seats forward and backward so you can get rid of that bit of Christmas choccy that nestled itself on the floor between your seat and centre console.

Replace the mats, move the seats back to their usual positions and relax! Your car spring clean is now complete. Just leave the doors open so that any horrible lingering smells have a chance to escape.

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