Stacking a cake without cake dowels.

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I am a hobby baker and only really bake cakes for my own children's birthdays and events. As I practice more I end up making bigger and more extravagant designs each year! To help stop a stacked cake sagging you need to support it in between each tier. I used to use plastic cake dowels which can be hard to find and expensive if you need new ones for each cake.

I have now found that a cake can be stacked using fat straws. The sort you would use for drinking thick milkshake! The stacking works the same way as with the dowels and there are many diagrams on google to show you the placement of these supports. Each tier must have it's own cake board. Straws will not work for more than 2 or 3 tiers as the cakes will be too heavy but they are a really easy cheap method of stacking your own cakes at home, especially if you need them in a hurry. The straws are easy to cut to size and easy to purchase locally where cake Dowels can be harder to track down. As a last piece of advice I would advise you leave your stacking till you are at your venue where possible.

I am sure some of you knew about this but some of you may not so hopefully this will help somebody!

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