Standard DS Lite vs Homebrew DS Lite

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The intention of this guide is to help you choose the right DS Lite, and to give you details of the different options currently available.

If you are not sure about the standard DS Lite specifications then have a look at the official site.  (I am unable to post external links in this guide, so you will have to google it yourself)

Do you want a DS Lite that can do more than a standard version?  Maybe a homebrew DS Lite is for you...

A homebrew DS Lite uses a special cartridge that allows you to run 3rd party software.  This turns your standard DS Lite into versatile device that can do more things than a regular version.  The most popular feature of a homebrew DS Lite is that you can play games directly from a memory card.  Remember, you should only have backup ROMs for original games you own.

There are many different homebrew cartridges available, but I have found the best currently available is the R4 cartridge (this is based on functionallity and price).  It looks very similar to a normal game cartridge, but has a slot in it where you put a Micro SD memory card.  The R4 cartridge is bundled with a USB Micro SD card reader, so you can simply plug it into your PC and then drag and drop games directly to the memory card.  The R4 cartridge is very easy to use, and when you turn the DS Lite on with the cartridge inserted you are greeted with a menu system that allows you to see all the games currently on the memory card.  To play a game you simply choose one from the list (it's as easy as that).  Compared to homebrew on other games consoles the R4 cartridge on the DS Lite is so much easier to use, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.  You will even find that a good seller will be willing to set it all up for you.

Using the R4 cartridge does not invalidate the DS Lite warranty.

I hope that this updated guide has been helpful.  Feel free to contact me directly if you want any further advice.

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