Stanley Tool Tips.....Plane Safety Tips

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Follow these tips when using planes.

  • Use the appropriate plane for the work at hand.
  • Use Bench planes for stock removal, smoothing rough surfaces, truing, and fine finishing.
  • Use Jack Planes or longer planes for longer length planing (i.e. doors) to produce a straight line.
  • Use block or trimming planes for end grain, where single handed working is require, and to dress up short work.
  • For optimal cutting performance, place cutters in bench planes bevel side down and cutters for lock planes bevel sid eup.
  • Always keep the blade sharp/
  • Lightly oil the working surfaces after use.
  • Rest the plane on its side when not in use.
  • Stores the plane with its cutter retracted to avoid premature edge wear.

Taken from Stanley Tips area of Rapidonline website.

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