Star Wars Episode 1 - Collecting Guide

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I have been collecting Star Wars Episode 1 figures for about 12 months and feel that I should let others know what to look out for with Episode 1 figures:

Firstly, generally these figures are currently quite cheap to buy compared with other star wars figures on ebay - Saga figures, figures from newer films and POTF figures seem to be more expensive to buy. - I find this odd considering these figures are film figures, and they are from Episode 1 in the collection - although they are not going to be worth as much as the original film figures.

Secondly, some figures in the collection are much harder to find - TC-14, R2-B1, Queen Armidala with Ascension Gun and Holographic Darth Sidious are probably the most expensive, there are many figures which may be considered mid-range including Royal Naboo Guarde, Nute Gunray, Watto and Royal Naboo Security, with some that are easy to get hold of cheap - other Armidala figures and Anakin Skywalker figures tend to be slightly chaeaper - however, because of this it is easier to get one that is in better sealed condition.

I have noticed that there seem to be 2 different types of sealed bubbles on the cards - one where the outer package is stuck onto the card directly and 1 where the outer plastic seems to be covered by another layer of plastic - I am unsure which if either would have been resealed, although the latter seems to be more common on the harder to find examples - the cost of the cheaper ones suggests that it wouldn't be worth recarding these - they could both be genuine but this is something to note. The action figure authority who grade figures based in America may be able to give more of an indiction on this.

There are several different types of figures - American with Commtech Chips, European with Commtalk chips and there are different languages, the American versions of the rarer figures seem to be worth more than the European Ones.

Thanks for reading this - I hope you found it useful. Please click the yes botton if ypu did.

Good luck with your collection! 

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