Star wars Is it repro or is it vintage.

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Reproduction weapons have plagued the collectors market for years now, and seemly every collection you see advertised will probally have a repro weapon init.  So how can you tell the difference.  Good question, there is a easy step which will elimate, id say 90% of reproduction weapons and its so simple its untrue, simply fill a glass full of water a put your weapon/s init most vintage weapons will float and the reproduction weapons will sink. There a few exceptions to this though and any vintage weapon which as a large mass will also sink, for example joda cane, amanaman staff and r2 d2 pop lightsabers will  sink even though they are vintage, the only way you will know if they are orginal is on the felixability and the plastic mode point. I hope this at the very least as given you some free advice. Thanxs for reading.
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