Start from the sound source first ! !

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Want to raise the tone quality of the car-mounted stereo system?

Start from the sound source first .

Can find out from this example , it is a whole project to improve the tone quality.

While setting up stereo system, each apparatus of matching should keep the style unanimous basically , otherwise the one that may cause the respects , such as appearance , function , use , index ,etc. is incongruous.

-Want CD , MD not to need VCD , MP3

If only used for broadcasting the sound, the host computer chooses CD , MD or DVD .
The tone quality of VCD is relatively bad, you had better not use; MP3 compresses the form , though has increased the tone quality and dealt with the circuit, but the tone quality is still not so good as CD; The tone quality of DVD is close to CD, but compare wholly,
Still not so good as CD; The tone quality and CD of MD are pretty much the same, but the sound is a bit hard .

-" genuine "  

Don't be balanced the device host computer should be selected for use to the model without any decoration of signal, namely " genuine " said. The signal is after decorating, its wave form produces distortion, so it is unsatisfactory to sow the music released.

It had better have graphic presentation of host computer of " it is the genuine " device , the field result not balanced (for instance: Theater , square , broadcasting studio ,etc.).
After decorating the field result, the already existing signal will emerge and change , lose original tone quality .

-Want 24bit not to need 1bit
Choose the model to see the loud index frequently , add function of decorating the tone quality without any. Indicate 20bit and 24bit on CD disc label that the stereo shop sells. 20bit and 24bit analyze strength to make the music fully represented high. Ordinary stereo mostly 1bit, have a fever grades of stereo set adopt more high bit. Broadcast only on such a machine , will demonstrate its fine and smooth degree.

-If should not need and promotes the loudspeaker distortedly directly with the host computer in high-power, choose output power to be high.
The output power of the host computer now is generally in 4* 50W, mainly reduce the distortion.
If which uses the host computer the leading output, choose to export the level the high one, the purpose is to export the level generally in 2V , had better choose 4V to export for improve SNR . By the way, the CD disc should select the normal product for use, the ones that printed " DDD " are the best with the quotation, the tone quality that this kind of CD disc is made out is good.

-Consider not be pursued cheap while upgrading conveniencing 

Don't pursue too many function sedulously , it is all right so long as the function of the apparatus satisfies basic demand; But don't pursue cheap either, miss the basic function that oneself needs.
The introduction of the apparatus, output port should be considered well in advance, walkman , game machine , handheld DVD , computer , handfree phone ,etc. can all be imported through the port that is preserved; It output want too port last Left deviation, Right deviation, before, after,bass, in case that can't upgrade not to use is inconvenienting in the future.


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