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I had to replace everything and
didnt have much money, so my first port of call was ebay. It was great, I just searched sofas, coffee tables and wardrobes, and found a whole
host of items. I usually filter my search by cheapest first, but there
is also the option of searching by closest first- the closest to my registered postcode. That was great when looking for a kitchen table- I could fit it in my car and collect it myself instead of having to pay delivery cost. Contacting sellers is a lot easier now too- you only used to be able to ask 1 question before ebay settings thought you were scamming the other person, now you can ask follow up questions without breaking the system!! Feedback is super easy too, but always be honest! If someone leaves you negative feedback to be malicious then you can contact eBay and they will remove it. If you fancy a username change, then you can change your name- but eBay will show
your old name for a few weeks. Always check for free listings before you lost your item!
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