Starting on Ebay with the intention of not paying!

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Now this is tedious as it wastes my time. Why open an account only to bid on something then not pay?!
As from next week i shall be putting in all my listings that a feedback of 5 or lower must contact me before bidding otherwise you bid will be cancelled.
I think this is an idea to get around this & all other sellers should follow & start a revolution to rid Ebay of time wasters!!

Now to follow on from the startings of this review.

Why do some Ebayers bid then refuse to pay?
All my terms are stated in the auction, its not like i am changing the goal posts! I am a fair & a honest Ebayer. I have never & will never rip other Ebayers off. My P&P is fair i do not over inflate it, my customer sevice is good - so therefore i do not understand non-payers.
Before i even bid on an item i usually watch it for a couple of days so i can be sure in my own mind, then if i really want/need it i bid on it, if i win i pay for straight away, if after ive bidded i change my mind i retract the bid, then that way someone else can bid for it & the seller doesnt have any hassle.

I have now put in all my listings not to bid if you do not intend to pay also that if your feedback is 5 or lower to email in advance before bidding otherwise your bid will be cancelled.
I just hope that all Newbies are not put off by this as most Newbs are not timewasters they just want the information as to how to complete their buys.

Till next time!
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