Steinberg Cubase SX3

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Thinking of buying Steinberg's Cubase SX3?

Some advice for you............. Be very, very careful!!!!

Steinberg's Cubase SX3 is now a discontinued product and, every now and then, this item appears on e-bay.

Whilst the product descriptions on e-bay are normally accurate, have a very nice product pictutre and carry a disclaimer stating something along the lines of "no licence included" they give the impression that you can obtain a licence from Steinberg or their UK agents Arbiter Group UK.

What they DON'T tell you is that unless you are bidding/buying a full version with ALL the activation codes and the licence dongle, these products will not work and you cannot buy a licence for SX3. The only way to use this product is to buy the full version of Cubase SX4 which will allow you to run SX3 as it is backwards compatable. So you will be buying a VERY expensive item in the longer term.

Another thing to note is that Arbiter Group UK, are no longer agents for Steinberg in the UK and any queries you have should now be made directly to Steinberg.

Make sure that you check with the Seller regarding product activation. If it is a legitimate copy of SX3 it will have a product activation code that is need to actually install the software and a 16 digit activation code for the e-licence dongle or, if it is used, an activated licence alreadt installed on the dongle.

If the seller states that there is no longer a Dongle because it has been lost/damaged, check that they still have the e-licence activation code. You may be told that you can buy a Steinberg Dongle on e-bay but these DO NOT contain activated licences.

If it is a used & registered copy of SX3 the Seller can transfer their registration so that you can enjoy the benefits of updates/upgrades, make sure that they have done this. Be careful if they say that they will give you their log-in details so that you can change the registration yourself as anyone can create an account on Steinberg's website.

Some sellers make reference to key generators, activation codes etc., that can be found on the internet and imply that these will make the product work. They then say that this is illegal and shouldn't be done. But, they have already sown the seed and, if you buy one of these products, find you can't actually use it, you may be tempted to explore this avenue. There are NO LEGAL e-licence activation codes available on the internet that I am aware of and I have spent many hours researching this.

Whilst the vast majority of e-bayers are honest, unfortunately there are a few whos actions are, to say the least, dubious and because of the ways they have worded their sales, there is very little the buyer can do once they have paid for and received the item. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If the seller is genuine they will do all that they can to help you.

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