Steps To Make A Photo Collage

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It’s not said without reason that a picture speaks a thousand words. Whether it’s your college days, your wedding occasion or any other precious moment of your life, you surely have fond memories of all. There is no better way to live those moments again than looking at the photographs of those times. A photo collage having all your precious memories combined at one place is the best option available.

If you want to make a photo collage, there are numerous things that you need to keep in mind. It only takes a little perseverance and time to unleash your creativity. Here’s how you can go about doing it the perfect way!

First and foremost, collect the photographs. If you are thinking of making a digital collage, things become a lot simpler. You need not worry about cutting the real photographs as everything can be done virtually. Digital medium helps you make use of very old collections of your photographs as well. Simply scan them and get started.

The next in line step is to determine the component of photograph that you require for the collage. You might not need the complete picture for your collage. So, use the editing software and crop the photograph as per your liking and wants. Try not to incorporate several pictures in your collage if you are making one for the first time.

Keep variation in the size and shape of the photographs that you use for the collage. You can give due importance to the most prominent photograph by placing it in the centre of your collage. The digital mode can give you the chance of experimenting with the placement of the photographs and hence can help you give any desired look.

The next step that seems to be the trickiest of all is to blend the photographs. Try not to use pictures which have very sharp edges and clear cut demarcations. This can give a very weird look to the collage as it can appear as if the photographs are placed right next to one another. So, rubbing of the images from the ends can give a blurry and merging look to the entire collage which adds on to the appeal of the collage to a great extent.

Now that you are all ready with your final draft of photo collage, you simply need to put it to use. You can place the collage into a photo frame that befits its size well. Or else you can mount it on to a chart and stick it on to a wall on your room for all to see.

So, going by the aforementioned information, it is abundantly clear that collage making is fun. Simply follow these steps and you will have collage that can easily make you nostalgic every time you see it.
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