Steps for Making Chocolate Creams at Home

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The Fondant:

Put half pint of cold water in a small cooking kettle, and a pinch of cream of tartar, add two pints (2 lbs.) granulated sugar.

Place on the stove and stir with the wooden paddle until it is dissolved (do not let it boil while stirring). When it begins to boil, wash the grains from the sides and cover for two or three minutes.

Remove the cover, put in the thermometer and boil to 240 degrees, or if you have no thermometer, until it will gather and make a soft ball in cold water. Remove from the stove at once and pour gently on the fondant tray.

When cold (do not let it stand too long) fold up with the aluminium paddle, using one side of the paddle only, turn and work until it forms a white creamy mass.  Cover with a bowl or damp cloth and let stand for half an hour or more.

Traditional and modern methods for making chocolate moulds

Today, one would use silicone or rubber chocolate moulds. However, if you prefer to attempt the traditional way of preparing moulds for chocolates, the follow describes the preparation and use of the starch tray.

The Starch Tray:

You will need three or four pounds of powdered corn starch to fill the tray, but this starch can be used over and over again ; keep it dry.

Put some of the powdered starch in the tray, and spread with the smoothing stick; add starch until it is level and smooth on top. Take the mould you want to use; start at one end of the tray and make the impressions the full size of the moulds.

Melting and Moulding Cream:

Place the fondant in a double boiler pot with hot water in the outer part and flavour.

Place on the stove and stir all the time until it has all softened; if very thick, add a few drops of water; do not let it get hot, little more than blood warm is about right ; when ready it should be smooth and creamy. Put the stick in the funnel dispenser, pour in part of the cream, and hold over an impression in the starch and by raising the stick a very little, punch out enough to fill the impression.

This excerpt is taken from "Directions for Making Chocolate at Home".    With pictures and variety of delicious and easy to make recipes, this book shows you how to make chocolate at home. Please visit AET Publishing to view our selection of books.

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