Stone Island - How to spot a fake. Simple & effective.

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Let me guess, you've bought a Stone Island item of clothing and want to know if it's genuine? This guide will show you how to spot fakes in just a few simple steps.

The easiest way to spot a fake is to look at the Sportswear label and at the ART/SPA number on them.

To begin,  look at the ART or SPA number which is typically found on the inside of the item. This is an example of how the Art number appears - ART. 5315508A3/715 

- The first 2 numbers (53) are the year. ( 44 = Spring/Summer, 43 = Autumn/Winter and so on. So all even numbers are spring/summer and odds are Autumn/Winter). 

- The second 2 numbers (15) are the brand. ( 13=C.P.Under Sixteen 14=S.I.Denims 15 = Stone Island, 16=S.I.Junior 20=C.P.Donna and 18 = CP Company).

- The next number (5) is what the item is e.g In this case (1=Shirts 2=T-Shirts 3=Trousers 4 = Jacket, 5 = Knitwear, 6 = Sweatshirts, 9=Accessories etc.).

- The next 2 numbers (08) are the cloth & the treatment that is used to make the item.

- The letter (A) is the model.

This is all you really need to know about the ART number in relation to checking it to your own. For example - The ART number I have used is from one of my own items. Is it a Knitwear item? (Check my item of clothing) Yes. Is it a Stone Island? (Check my item of clothing) Yes. If the ART number states it is a Denim, when you can see it isn't, then something isn't right.

Here is a classic example of a FAKE label - 


Here is a classic example of a REAL label - 


As you can see, the fake Sportswear labels are really simple and no thought has been put into them. The font is generic, boring and unprofessional, something Stone Island definitely wouldn't do. 

Other Ways

These are the most obvious things that people often miss out and forget about -

1) Scruffy and faded badge. This does not mean that the jumper is fake, but fake badges are just as much as a problem as fake jackets and jumpers etc. And just because the jumper is fake, it does not mean the badge is as well. But people will want to get away with the most they can, so they usually are.

2) Badge is not on the left arm. Sounds stupid but people do actually put it on the other arm, and people do fall for it!

3)  Look for the "Made in Italy" label below the Stone Island label. SI have started making goods in Turkey and Romania increasingly, generally they are worst quality compared to other Italian made Stone Island pieces.

4) Shoddy stitching. This is a big one to look out for. Many people stitch very quickly in order to sell fake items, as much as they can. Many things get stiched on really poorly,such as many of the inside labels e.g Raso Gommato, Ventile, the ART label etc

5) Stone Island items cost a lot of money to produce. If someone is selling one extremely cheap compared to its RRP, there is either something wrong with it (e.g rip, dirty marks that wont come out) or a blatant fake.

6) Buttons for the badge on the sleeve. They all tend to be the same size so if you see any that are even a little bigger then stay clear.

Finally, if is sounds too good to be usually is! Make sure you read this guide every time you go to purchase an item, it will save you a large amount of money, time and hassle. If you know for sure that it is a fake item, please report it & the user. I do this with every item I see that is fake. 

If you are still unsure on whether the item is genuine or not, although I am not a huge active member of eBay any more, feel free to email me with the listing and I will distinguish whether or not it's fake. And of course, if this has helped you, please give it a good rating.

Good luck with your bidding and don't hesitate to contact me!

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