Stop Acrylic Paints Pealing and Distorting ...

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Stop Acrylic Paints Pealing / Distorting ...

The adhesive qualities of acrylic are not as forgiving as enamel, you are probably very aware of this if you are an experienced modeller, or you will become aware of this very soon if you are new to the hobby.

To avoid pealing or distorting of acrylic paints you must prepare the surface of the plastic thoroughly.

This starts with cleaning the parts thoroughly with warm water and basic househol detergent. Once the parts are completely dry, prime the surface with a good plastic primmer. Leave to dry thoroughly and then apply the top coat in 2-3 thin layers (as opposed to one thick layer).

This may involve thinning the paint first and done worry if the plastic is not completely covered after one coat ... the more thin coats the better.

Using this technique the paint will bind to the surface properly giving you a consistent high quality finish and stop the pealing / distorting that we all loath.Many Thanks for reading my guide, if you have found this useful please vote....

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