Stop Offering Me Fake Handbags!

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I have had enough! There are many honest people like myself who do have the odd designer bag and are looking to sell them, in my case i have Fendi and Prada. My bags can very easily be authenticated, serial numbers, certificates etc. What has really annoyed me is the sheer amount of fake handbags that are up for auction even at this very minitue but are all listed as authentic. Its a joke! Why are these people allowed to trade? I understand why fake bags are big business, in reality who really does had the odd two thousand pounds for an Hermes or YSL bag but when you understand who profits from them you would never buy one. I recently had my Fendi bag up for auction and recieved an email from someone who sells designer bags offering me any bag i wanted, they were complete fakes from a chinese company who trade on ebay. When is this going to stop? I would not be surprised if people lost confidence in buying designer clothes and bags because of the amount of fakes that are online now.


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