Stop conspiracy theorists profiteering from 911

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I was compelled to write this guide after coming across several documentary DVDs advertised for sale which presented alternative theories of what happened on September 11 2001.  It is not the ideas they present that is objectionble; they have freedom of speech and if they believe there is evidence to contradict official testimony of of what happened then they are free to share that information.  What I do find disturbing is the fact that one seller in particular claims to be "making a mint" from selling these documentary dvds.

Whatever you believe happened on that day nobody can refute the fact that thousands of people have suffered as a result of losing loves ones.  The information these sellers are making money from can be easilly found for free on the net.  Loose Change 2nd Edition is just one documentary being sold on ebay yet the makers have posted it on Google video for free.  Do the familes of victims a favour and send the money to an official 911 charity such as Families of September 11 instead of the sick profiteers on ebay.

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