StopRedEye- Automatic photo red eye removal software

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StopRedEye  is an impressive software program that I tried out recently. It automatically removes red eye from your beloved photo's with just a couple of clicks, well 3 to be exact. Now I don't mean clicking on the eye, adjusting the saturation e.t.c AARRRGH what a pain, this software automatically does everything for you.

You can fix one file at a time or the whole folder! fix all of your photo's at once, overwrite the originals or save the corrected files to a destination of your choice. this really is a winner and fabulously easy to use with extremely effective results. It takes 5-7 seconds to fix 1 photo so 100 photos will only take 10 minutes, wow!

So how does it work? well I looked it up on their website and it uses know-how technologies in intelligent digital image processing to precisely distinguish human eyes on photo's, pretty cool don't you think.

In my opinion this is the best and easiest to used and you can get a free trial from their website to see for yourself.

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