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I recently purchased 4 sets of sofas on eBay that were made by DFS. They were all in good condition, but because there was a lot of them, I needed a company to collect them all and store them for me whilst I was in the process of home redurbishement.
on each ocassion that I made a purchase, I paid the company to collect and store.
when I was ready to take delivery after spending almost £2000.00 the company arrived with all the furniture only to inform me that they were all damp because they had stored the furniture in a garage which was leaking and dirty. They had tried to clean up the furniture with some sort of disinfectant which produced a toxic smell.
they had lied about the storage facilities and insists tee on full payment.
my fiancé and I ended up so Ill and distressed that we had to put all the furniture outside and pay another company to take it all away.
this company who has and still advertises on Page 1 and 2 under the search for DFS Furniture, should never be allowed to trade, so I am giving everyone a heads up so that you do not employ the services of this company who I am naming and shaming below.
Please note that on each ocassion when I made the purchases, the seller stipulated that the buyer should arrange their own collection. I haven't left any Feedback because it was not the fault of the Seller, but I haven't been able to leave a Negative Feedback on the company who made collection and stored because they were only advertising their services, so please avoid them like the plague and also note that they knew they were in the wrong and have avoided all communications from so as to avoid reimbursing me back to the tune of £2000.00.
if anyone would like more info on this disastrous episode, then by all means add your comments and I will respond.

this is the culprits details on eBay:-
They have been members since 01/12/2005

Warning about dealing with unknown delivery/storage companies

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