Strapping with Plastic for security and piece of mind.

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Buying Used Strapping Machinery
It has become easier and cheaper to obtain quality strapping machinery in recent years with machine production now moving to the far east and China.

Many small boxed or bundled items can be securely strapped using Polypropylene hand strapping tools or a semi-automatic strapping machine prior to postage or dispatch via a carrier.

If you pack over 100 small boxes per day then securing them with tape may not be fast enough, if they are heavy or bulky items self adhesive tapes can be costly. Sellers who regularly dispatch this many boxes could use a semi-automatic strapping machine and can greatly speed up the packaging process and make the pack user friendly as the strapping provides convenient handles, packs are less likely to get dropped whilst being carried.

Larger packing rooms would benefit from Automatic Strapping Machinery, these machines have an arch over a table, if the pack can fit on to the table and into the arch then it can be speedily strapped in several directions in a matter of seconds.

When considering a strapping machine, choose a single phase machine, that means it can be plugged into a standard three pin socket.  Consider strap size, 12mm strapping would be ideal for cardboard boxes as the width of the strap is less likely to cut in to the corrugations. 9mm strapping is fine for light weight boxes and solid edged packs.

Many semi-automatic machines are advertised on Ebay, many are very old and past their sell by date, don't buy a machine without a warranty as you may be the next one to put it back on Ebay with the phrase "as usual with electrical goods no guaranty can be given" etc' etc.

Think carefully about where you see your business going, buy the correct Cardboard Boxes for your products, contact a local box maker, boxes are very cheap when purchased in bulk.

Plastic strapping can cost as little £4.50 per 1000 met, that's £0.0045pence per meter, now work out the cost of your 66met roll of sticky tape, and how may times do you go round your boxes with it? At only £0.45 per roll, now do the maths, = £0.0068 per meter, and you go round your box how many time?

Polypropylene Strapping makes economic sense and it is recyclable.
Norwood Packaging can help and advise on the purchase of the correct machinery. Contact us, we will be pleased to help.
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